March 2016 - Book of Bogan

Beyond Belief by David Yallop

Beyond Belief by David YallopA deeply emotional, well-researched, horrifying and terrifying look at the history of child abuse by the Catholic Church, by one of the most well-respected authors on the history of the Church. I remember first reading a David Yallop book when I was a teenager, having found a copy of ‘In God’s Name’ on my parents’... Read More »

Mafia Prince by Phil Leonetti

Mafia Prince by Phil LeonettiMafia Prince is the story of a man – Phillip Leonetti – who was raised by his uncle as a member of the Philadelphia – New Jersey mafia. Ultimately – after a long period of time – he became dissatisfied with the life, and the way that the Mafia had changed, and turned no his... Read More »

The Crippler by Chris Leben

The Crippler by Chris LebenWhatever you might think of him, or of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in general, you cannot help but believe that Chris Leben is a fighter. Having watched Chris Leben fighting on The Ultimate Fighter, and throughout his career as in the UFC, I was very interested to see what kind of journey this man... Read More »

Cultures of War by John W Dower

Cultures of War by John W DowerThe subtitle of this book is Pearl Harbor/Hiroshima/9-11/Iraq, and seeks to draw parallels between the four events, and their aftermath, and perhaps give an education in the lessons of history which the world has failed time and again to learn. The author hones in on a quote from Richard Armitage in the wake of the... Read More »

Invasion Syria: 1941 by Henri de Wailly

Invasion Syria: 1941 by Henri de WaillyAn interesting look at a part of World War 2 which doesn’t fit the convenient narrative, where the French were the good guys – even though there was a substantial number who patently were not. As an Australian, I am always interested to read about my country’s involvement in the war, beyond the traditional “desert... Read More »

Crack99 by David Locke Hall

Crack99 by David Locke HallCrack99 is the story of the hunt by the US government for a Chinese software pirate who was found to be selling high-tech and high-priced pirated software at bargain basement prices. Following the journey over a number of years, from first discovering the existence of the site, through to his ultimate takedown, Crack99 is part... Read More »

Monsterland by Michael Phillip Cash

Monsterland by Michael Phillip CashMonsterland is a novel in the style of a schlock teen horror novel, with a healthy dose of Jurassic Park thrown in for good measure. It follows the downward spiral – I would say journey, but that’s probably giving the main characters too much credit – of a group of teenagers who are living in... Read More »

The Killing of Osama Bin Laden by Seymour Hersh

The Killing of Osama Bin Laden by Seymour HershAfter reading this book, I feel like it should be subtitled “and other lies the government tells you” because only approximately 1/3rd to 1/4 of the book is actually give over to the purported events surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden, while the rest is devoted to the ongoing global war on terror, along... Read More »

School of Deaths by Christopher Mannino

School of Deaths by Christopher ManninoYou’re a reaper Suzie. School of Deaths is an unabashed, unashamed Harry Potter ripoff in the worst possible way. I thought I had read some crap when I read Cassandra Clare’s series. (Here’s a hot tip: Don’t) Suzie is a regular girl who is losing weight, much to the consternation of everyone around here, who... Read More »

Dead Secret by Alan Williams

Dead Secret by Alan WilliamsI’m not saying that it was dead boring, but there was a lot of reading in this book. Dead Secret is the story of a pair of journalists who are chasing down a secret from the second world war, which has been hidden by the perpetrators from the world. Along the way they meet dark... Read More »