June 2016 - Book of Bogan

One Day in France by Jean-Marie Borzeix

One Day in France by Jean-Marie BorzeixI received a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley. One Day in France is an interesting look at the events which took place in a small village in France,¬†with the author unpicking the pieces of the story through investigative journalism, tracking down survivors and sifting through their memories of the events. I suppose it... Read More »

Raelia by Lynette Noni

Raelia by Lynette NoniI received a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley. Raelia is the second novel in the Medoran Chronicles series, following the release of Akarnae. I reviewed the first novel a couple of months ago, and I recall that I distinctly did not like it, but was willing to give the author a second go,... Read More »

The Billion Dollar Spy by David E Hoffman

The Billion Dollar Spy by David E HoffmanThe subtitle of this book is “A true story of cold war espionage and betrayal.” A sore point for me which I’ll come back to later. At its heart, The Billion Dollar Spy is the story of the CIA agents who operated out of the Moscow station, with various other relevant anecdotes from other countries... Read More »

Bridgebusters by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Bridgebusters by Thomas McKelvey CleaverThanks to the publisher for a review copy through Edelweiss. Bridgebusters is the story of the 57th Bomb Wing, whose primary claim to fame was that they were the inspiration for Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22. Flying B-25 Mitchell medium bomber/attack aircraft during the Second World War in African and European theaters, Bridgebusters takes you inside... Read More »

Enver Hoxha by Blendi Fevziu

Enver Hoxha by Blendi FevziuI must confess that prior to reading this book I had little to now functional knowledge about the country of Albania, apart from a vague idea of where it sits geographically, and some of the politics of the region. I’m always keen to learn more about areas of the world which are outside my knowledge,... Read More »

Rime by Tim Lebbon

Rime by Tim LebbonThe main character in Rime is a man who is put in an impossible position when the ship he is on appears to come under attack by alien life forms, and he takes action to protect the ship full of humans in cryosleep… with disastrous results. He has to deal with the loss of his... Read More »

Moral Combat by Michael Burleigh

Moral Combat by Michael BurleighI don’t think it takes much imagination for anyone who has even the slightest knowledge of world history to believe that World War 2 was one of humanity’s low points, and could probably list off a litany of evil acts which took place during that conflict. So I had to wonder just what Michael Burleigh... Read More »

Warcraft by Christie Golden

Warcraft by Christie GoldenOh Christie… how did it all go so wrong? The prequel novel focusing on the story of Durotan and his Frostwolf clan was top shelf stuff, but this was just a hot mess. I’m not sure if it was the source material she had to work with, or something else has gone along the way,... Read More »

The Singing Spider by Angus MacVicar

The Singing Spider by Angus MacVicarI suppose that in today’s market, this might best be described as a cozy mystery. Originally published in 1937, I found it to be a somewhat quaint book given the passing years, with plenty of character, and mysteries to keep you going. I did however find this a somewhat challenging book to read – mostly... Read More »

White Night by William H Lovejoy

White Night by William H LovejoyI guess the re-release of this book, originally published in 1994 just goes to prove that some things don’t stand the test of time. I must admit that I was intrigued by the premise – a battle for control of Antarctica, the last unclaimed continent, with the promise of lots of air combat and international... Read More »