Abduction by Alan Baxter

Abduction by Alan BaxterAbduction by Alan Baxter
Published by Ragnarok Publications on November 1st 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 388
Format: Ebook
Source: NetGalley

The past often catches up with you, but when it's Alex Caine's past the results can be deadly.

Alex Caine has been suffering the weight of the world, and some days it's hard to even get out of bed. Alone one night, a band of Fey overwhelm him and steal him away from the mortal realm. Silhouette, desperate to save her lover, calls in Armour, but the organization seems reluctant to help. 

Claude Darvill, his fragile alliance with Alex at an end, is still searching for the remains of his father, Robert Hood. In frozen wastes of Iceland, Darvill is driven by a deep-burning grudge and a need for revenge. His efforts are backed by all the considerable resources of Black Diamond Incorporated.

Silhouette must overcome her greatest fears and use all her skills to locate Alex. Even if she can find him, that's just the start of their problems.

In this third Alex Caine book, sequel to Bound and Obsidian, old enemies and new share a common goal. Alex Caine hates to be the center of attention, but he and Silhouette need to pull together as the world is threatened once more, and only Alex can save it.

Where do I begin with the Alex Caine series? Abduction is the third in the series, and I highly recommend following this story from the beginning, as Alan Baxter has crafted an excellent, modern urban fantasy that is laced with a fantastically dark sense of humour.

I am reminded of an old website called They Fight Crime, which randomly generated a crime-fighting duo. In some ways the main characters Alex Caine and Silhouette feel a bit like one of those random pairings. He’s a martial artist with the ability to anticipate his enemies moves, she’s a half Fey who likes to eat things, they fight crime!

Silhouette discovers that someone has abducted Alex from his home, and launches a rescue operation that is just the start of a battle against enemies who will stop at nothing to succeed in their dastardly plans. I think that a hero is only as good as the enemy he is pitted against, and the great thing with Alan Baxter’s novels is that – honestly – the really bad guys don’t fuck about. Baxter does a great job of developing his bad guys as credible threats, and they are in keeping with the dark and gritty nature of this novel.

It is hard to talk about this novel without going into the details of what has come before in the series, but I cannot recommend this author highly enough. It is easy to draw comparisons to authors like Jim Butcher and Benedict Jacka, and this is series which would be enjoyable for fans of those authors. However, the Author has brought his own unique take and taste to this genre. New readers should start at the beginning, but this is an excellent edition to Alex Caine series.

I received a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley.

Rating Report
Overall: four-half-stars

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