Attack on Nantucket by Thad Dupper

Attack on Nantucket by Thad DupperAttack on Nantucket by Thad Dupper
Published by Thad Dupper on March 17th 2017
Genres: Thriller
Format: Audiobook, Ebook
Source: NetGalley

Top Gun meets the West Wing in this fast-paced thriller set on the beautiful island of Nantucket.
Andrew Russell, the 46th president of the United States, along with his wife and two young children have brought back a Kennedy-era feeling of Camelot to the White House. President Russell and his family are spending another vacation on the beautiful island of Nantucket.
After three years of planning, the Islamic Front has embedded terrorist cells on the island in preparation for the arrival of President Russell and his family.
With the resources of the US Navy at the ready -- the President, an ex-naval aviator, responds to the attack on his family with the focus, determination and aggressiveness that made him one of the best fighter pilots in the Fleet.
The people of Nantucket, descendants of hardy New England stock, along with the combined military and intelligence assets of the US Government are about to be challenged by the events unleashed on the tiny picturesque island.
Nantucket serves as the backdrop for this larger-than-life techno-thriller.
The book will be available on March 17, 2017 — reserve your copy today.

Attack on Nantucket is a military thriller set predominantly in the island community of Nantucket, and involves a well-coordinated attack on the family of the President of the United States. The attack is carried out by some extremely well-funded and organised generic brand terrorists, who seem to be sponsored by the Apple company.

There are a lot of players in this novel, and a lot of different moving parts between the various groups of terrorists, as well as the American military forces who are working to uncover the plots, and recover the first family. For the most part the big players behind the scenes are more fleshed out than those on the ground, which makes it slightly difficult to be interested in the generic bad guys.

I think that the author has done a good job of plotting the novel, and the action scenes are well-written, although the novel does descend into rather unbelievable silliness by the end. Which I won’t spoil, but I felt it let down an otherwise-well crafted military thriller. Not every POTUS has to be a Jack Ryan, and that should be okay.

The action in this book takes place in the air, on the ground, as well as on and under the ocean, and the author does a fair job of authentically capturing the feel of these different environments. I felt like it was for the most part, an enjoyable thriller that is above average, given some others I have read, but – for the reason stated above regarding the ending – falls slightly short of the top tier of military thrillers out there, and there is a lot of competition.

Attack on Nantucket is a pretty good, contemporary thriller that would probably suit younger readers, who may not be as hung up on accuracy and are willing to indulge a little silliness now and then. I did enjoy the book, although I wish it had ended sooner.

I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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