Bloodline by Claudia Gray

Bloodline by Claudia Gray

I was a huge fan of the old Expanded Universe of Star Wars. Big fan! And then George Lucas came along with his big eraser of retconning and wiped that all away in the name of his new movie. And I’m okay with that, you know, because it’s George Lucas, and he knows what he’s doing… except for that whole prequels thing. *cough*

Frankly, however, the books which have been released as filling in the space between RotJ and TFA have been rather disappointing. I did mostly enjoy Aftermath by Chuck Wendig, but mostly because I’m a fan of Chuck Wendig. When I saw Bloodline was a story about Leia, and the forming of the resistance against the erm rise of the First Order/New Republic… I don’t know, it’s still confusing and I’ve watched Episode VII a half dozen times. I was really hoping this would make it all make sense to me.


What a big fucking disappointment this was. For some reason the powers that be over at Lucas headquarters think that we the Star Wars loving public are really into the machinations of politics. I say this because – damn – about 85% of this book is about the New Republic Senate, court life, parties with senators, blah blah blah… with occasional explosions thrown in to liven up the action occasionally. It’s everything that was wrong with the prequel movies, and I just wanted to slap them for doing it all over again.

This book has very few redeeming qualities about it, and it did not advance the explanation of how we got from Episode 6 to Episode 7 in my mind. The annoying characters were annoying, the bad guys were mediocre, the good guys were … well they were okay…

And then there was the whole thing with Leia being outed as Darth Vader’s daughter… I mean helloooo… it’s only been 20 years or so… surely the whole galaxy would have figured it out by now, even if they had barely two brain cells to rub together. I just don’t get why it was such a big issue in the first place, and seems to have been placed there to create arbitrary fake drama.

Despite my utter hatred for this book, I decided to read the author’s earlier Star Wars novel set during the original trilogy, and I really don’t know how she went from writing that interesting, action-filled novel to writing this drivel-filled snoozefest.

1 star

Bloodline by Claudia Gray

Bloodline by Claudia Gray

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