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Violated by Carolyn Arnold

Violated purports itself to be a police procedural/thriller novel, but quite frankly is a weird love triangle dressed in sheep’s clothing. There are so many things wrong with this book that destroys any credibility that it might hope to achieve. Paige is an FBI agent who is arrested in the process of casually breaking an... Read More »

Origin by Dan Brown

Dan Brown is definitely an author I love to hate. But for some reason with each book he releases, I find myself sucked back in to see what he has decided to take on this time. I like to give him a fair shake, and try to keep an open mind when reading his books,... Read More »

The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy

I finished The Dark Net a few days ago, and held off writing a review to allow myself to stew over it to see if I could make any sense whatsoever of what the hell I just read. At first glance, this novel is trying its damnedest to be something of a mix between a... Read More »

SPIRE by Fiona Snyckers

SPIRE by Fiona Snyckers is without a doubt the worst book I have read this year. I hear Homer Simpson in the back of my head saying “so far” but I think this one has the legs to take on any contenders. The main character, Dr Caroline Mary-Sue, is a surgeon/virologist/genius who goes to Antarctica... Read More »

Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb

I have a love-hate relationship with Robin Hobb, and I am afraid that it is mostly hate, given her track history. I was somewhat hesitant at picking up another Fitz book, especially one which is another 700 page doorstop of a book set essentially after Fitz has retired from public life. Retiree adventurers don’t seem... Read More »

Sealed Up by Steve Dunn Hanson

Sealed Up by Steve Dunn HansonTitle: Sealed Up by Steve Dunn Hanson Publisher: Steve Dunn Hanson Format: ebook Available: Now On the face of it, Sealed Up looks like it could actually be a halfway decent archeology based thriller… until you realise it is “christian fiction”.written by an author whose previous works largely seem to consist of Christian Self-Help books. Well,... Read More »

Toru: Wayfarer Returns by Stephanie R Sorensen

Toru: Wayfarer Returns by Stephanie R SorensenAn alternate-history steampunk story set in 19th Century Japan? What could possibly go wrong? (cue the music) Toru: Wayfarer Returns is the story of a young (although unspecified) fisherman who comes to shore in Japan, after returning from a great trip to America, where he has apparently been able to absorb LITERALLY ALL THE KNOWLEDGE... Read More »

Salem’s Cipher by Jess Lourey

Salem’s Cipher by Jess LoureyThis is the sort of book you would get if you mashed Dan Brown’s back catalogue, the Nancy Drew mysteries, Scooby Doo and Clueless together in one big hot mess. If that sounds like the thing for you, well, god bless and good luck. Two women are brought together through the kidnapping and (possible) murder... Read More »

Shadowboxing by Anne Barwell

Shadowboxing by Anne BarwellShadowboxing is like a Russian doll, where each layer is even more annoying than the last. But we’ll get to that metaphor later. Sure it has an interesting enough premise – a German scientist working on a super-secret weapon for the Nazis discovers that the Nazis are actually really bad guys. (SSurprise!) He decides that... Read More »

Bloodline by Claudia Gray

Bloodline by Claudia GrayI was a huge fan of the old Expanded Universe of Star Wars. Big fan! And then George Lucas came along with his big eraser of retconning and wiped that all away in the name of his new movie. And I’m okay with that, you know, because it’s George Lucas, and he knows what he’s... Read More »

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