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A very expensive poison by Luke Harding

Russia is something of an enigma to most people in the west, and our perceptions of the country, its politicians, and history are definitely coloured by what we see in the media. Luke Harding’s book seeks to lift some of the veil which surrounds the country in his book ‘A very expensive poison’ which describes... Read More »

Hardcore History: Blueprint for Armageddon (podcast)

Hardcore History: Blueprint for Armageddon (podcast)I don’t normally review podcasts, they aren’t really my thing, however given that ANZAC day was yesterday, and I had been recommended this podcast (Hardcore History) previously I thought I would give it a whirl. Blueprint for Armageddon is a six part series which totals about 22 hours or so worth of content, and covers... Read More »

Deadlight Jack by Mark Onspaugh

Hans Christian Andersen meets the denizens of Swamp People in this dark, and disturbing pseudo-fairy tale set in the Louisiana bayou. Deadlight Jack brings together a cast of interesting characters, drawn into a world beyond the one we ordinary folk see around us. The two main roguish protagonists access abilities, and insight which some might see... Read More »

The Fleet at Flood Tide by James D Hornfischer

The Fleet at Flood Tide by James D HornfischerThe Fleet at Flood Tide is an interesting, and thorough look at the latter part of the War in the Pacific, when the United States was coming into its supremacy as a naval power. The author draws on historical sources, as well as interviews to put human faces on a war. This might have been... Read More »

Livia Lone by Barry Eisler

Livia Lone is Barry Eisler at the peak of his grimdark best. I’m a fan of Barry Eisler’s John Rain series, and when I read about his new story – the tale of a former child slave who survives to hunt down the likes of those who abused her as a child – I knew that... Read More »

The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong, Vol 1: In the Bag

The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong, Vol 1: In the BagI don’t read that many graphic novels, but the sheer ludicrousness of the description of this one certainly drew my attention. At first glance the story sounds like a good Saturday night on the town – an ancient being goes on a booze run after he loses his favourite bottle of alcohol, and his mortal... Read More »

Police State by Gerry Spence

Police State by Gerry SpencePolice State is a slightly terrifying trip down memory lane through the eyes of one defence lawyer who represented a wide range of clients in their battles against a government, or authority which sought to use its power to overreach and crush the oppressed. Gerry Spence uses a number of examples from his own case... Read More »

Warcraft: Durotan by Christie Golden

Warcraft: Durotan by Christie GoldenChristie Golden is hands down my favourite Warcraft novelisation author of the bunch. She has consistently produced quality novels that are head and shoulders above the rest, particularly the recently-released Illidan novel. So when I picked up this prequel novel to the upcoming Warcraft movie I had high expectations, and a whole crapload of anticipation.... Read More »

Beyond Belief by David Yallop

Beyond Belief by David YallopA deeply emotional, well-researched, horrifying and terrifying look at the history of child abuse by the Catholic Church, by one of the most well-respected authors on the history of the Church. I remember first reading a David Yallop book when I was a teenager, having found a copy of ‘In God’s Name’ on my parents’... Read More »

Mafia Prince by Phil Leonetti

Mafia Prince by Phil LeonettiMafia Prince is the story of a man – Phillip Leonetti – who was raised by his uncle as a member of the Philadelphia – New Jersey mafia. Ultimately – after a long period of time – he became dissatisfied with the life, and the way that the Mafia had changed, and turned no his... Read More »

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