Zodiac by Robert Graysmith

Zodiac is the story of one man’s search to identify the infamous Zodiac killer who haunted the lives of the people of San Francisco and Northern California starting in the 1960s. The author was an editorial cartoonist, who worked alongside, and apart from the police officers who were investigating the horrific murders and assault, ever... Read More »

Police State by Gerry Spence

Police State by Gerry SpencePolice State is a slightly terrifying trip down memory lane through the eyes of one defence lawyer who represented a wide range of clients in their battles against a government, or authority which sought to use its power to overreach and crush the oppressed. Gerry Spence uses a number of examples from his own case... Read More »

Mafia Prince by Phil Leonetti

Mafia Prince by Phil LeonettiMafia Prince is the story of a man – Phillip Leonetti – who was raised by his uncle as a member of the Philadelphia – New Jersey mafia. Ultimately – after a long period of time – he became dissatisfied with the life, and the way that the Mafia had changed, and turned no his... Read More »

The Crippler by Chris Leben

The Crippler by Chris LebenWhatever you might think of him, or of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in general, you cannot help but believe that Chris Leben is a fighter. Having watched Chris Leben fighting on The Ultimate Fighter, and throughout his career as in the UFC, I was very interested to see what kind of journey this man... Read More »

Real Men Wear Beige by Donato Alfredano

Real Men Wear Beige by Donato AlfredanoReal Men Wear Beige is the semi-memoir of a man who found himself – as ordinary people occasionally do – serving time in jail for a crime he did actually commit. Although this is most of the story of his journey through the jail and prison – and to a lesser degree the court –... Read More »

Review – Code Name Papa by John Murray, Sharon Murray and Abby Jones

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. You know those action movies that have a random, unnecessary romance angle between the hero and the damsel in distress that feels tacked on at the end? This is a book which flips this recipe and fills a book which... Read More »

Review – Ice Diaries by Jean McNeil

This book surprised me at how charming I found it, although it took finishing the book, and taking some time to digest what I had just read for me to come to that realisation. I have read a number of biographies of Ernest Shackleton and other Antarctic explorers, including some of the works referred to... Read More »