From Ice to Ashes by Rhett C Bruno

From Ice to Ashes is the follow up to Titanborn, which I reviewed last year, and is a standalone novel set in the same universe. I really enjoyed the dark and gritty science fiction that novel brought with it, and was hoping for more of the same with From Ice to Ashes. I think this... Read More »

Light Shaper by Albert Nothlit

Light Shaper by Albert NothlitLight Shaper is part post-apocalyptic story, but mostly it is a slightly off the wall cyberpunk tale cum gay romance. This book takes up well after the great apocalypse has happened, when most of the world’s population seems to be happily existing in digital utopia, which doesn’t seem to be very apocalyptic at all. The... Read More »

In the Blackness of Space by Robert Kuntz

In the Blackness of Space by Robert KuntzTitle: In the Blackness of Space by Robert Kuntz Publisher: Harbourlight Books Available: Now Format: ebook In the Blackness of Space is a quasi-hard science fiction novel with a hefty sting in the tail. One should not enter the reading of this book thinking this is a straight up science fiction, as I made the... Read More »

The Silent Voice by Christopher Hodder-Williams

The Silent Voice by Christopher Hodder-WilliamsTitle: The Silent Voice by Christopher Hodder-Williams Publisher: Endeavour Press Available: Now The Silent Voice is an interesting enough premise – astronauts are returning from an extended┬ámission in space, only to discover that all is not what it seems when they return. Their landing is diverted into the middle of nowhere, there is no welcoming... Read More »

Quantum Tangle by Chris Reher

Quantum Tangle by Chris ReherPublisher: Chris Reher Published: 2014 Pages: 235 What would you do if you emerged from sub-space (hyperspace for us Star Wars junkies) to find that an alien entity had suddenly set up shop inside your head, and was not in a hurry to get out of there? Apparently, if you’re the main character in Chris... Read More »

Titanborn by Rhett C Bruno

Titanborn by Rhett C BrunoTitanborn is a sci fi novel in the vein of Phillip K Dick’s work, with gritty action scenes, and delicious moral quandaries. The main character is a collector – a fixer of sorts – who is paired up with a more straight-laced, logic driven partner to find the truth behind a group of extremists on... Read More »

Independence Day – Crucible by Greg Keyes

Independence Day – Crucible by Greg KeyesAs movie tie-ins go, this was actually pretty good. I had seen some pretty awful reviews of the Independence Day movie sequel, and I thought I would give this book a whirl, as it is set between the two movies, and covers most of the time period between them. Having seen the second movie after... Read More »

Grey Ronin by Matthew S Cox

Grey Ronin by Matthew S CoxWhen I received this book, I was not aware that it was the third book in a trilogy, and have not read the others in the series. With that said, I don’t think that they were required reading to be able to appreciate, and understand Grey Ronin. Grey Ronin presents an interesting world, where the... Read More »

Rime by Tim Lebbon

Rime by Tim LebbonThe main character in Rime is a man who is put in an impossible position when the ship he is on appears to come under attack by alien life forms, and he takes action to protect the ship full of humans in cryosleep… with disastrous results. He has to deal with the loss of his... Read More »

Alien – Out of the Shadows by Tim Lebbon

Alien – Out of the Shadows by Tim LebbonAfter the events of the original Alien movie, Ripley is still drifting through space in her escape shuttle, broadcasting a distress message, hoping for a rescue… Meanwhile the occupants of an orbital mining station realise that they are under attack from a mysterious alien force which has attacked their fellow workers, throwing them into a... Read More »

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