The Desert Air War by Richard Townshend Bickers

The Desert Air War by Richard Townshend BickersThe Desert Air War by Richard Townshend Bickers
Published by Endeavour Press on January 1st 1991
Genres: History
Format: Ebook

The Desert Air War is the story of the fighting men who took part in the North Africa, and to a lesser extent the Mediterranean and Italian campaigns during the Second World War. Some time ago I read another of Bickers’ books, which covered the First World War, and I was very impressed with how he managed to capture a great sense of the battlefield as a whole, and the individuals who are duelling above it.

I think when one considers the events of World War 2, the desert war is often forgotten with the focus on the great air battles over Britain, or Germany. I knew of some of the tales which have become legend, such as the valiant defence of Malta, but I really couldn’t have told you much else about the North African campaign from a air forces perspective. The Desert Air War serves as a great primer on the personalities, and competing technologies which did battle above the perhaps better known land battles.

I really enjoyed this book, and found that it was told from a very personal perspective, and was embodied with a great sense of humour which must have kept the pilots and ground crews sane throughout the war. It is somewhat lacking in terms of maps, and a sense of the bigger picture, but I don’t think that’s the author’s objective here. A thoroughly enjoyable read!

Rating Report
Overall: five-stars

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