The Erudition of Sherlock Holmes by Giles Chanot

The Erudition of Sherlock Holmes by Giles ChanotThe Erudition of Sherlock Holmes by Giles Chanot
Published by Truncated Tales Limited on 4/1/2017
Genres: Mystery
Format: Ebook
Source: NetGalley

The Erudition of Sherlock Holmes is a new novella set in the late 19th Century, and is some sort of mystery detective thing involving a lot of Holmes’ mystical handwaving and mansplanations of things. There are a few subplots, mostly involved around some sort of running gag about whiskey, which I won’t spoil, didn’t seem to be going anywhere for most of this book.

According the, erudition is defined as “knowledge acquired by study, research, etc.; learning; scholarship.”

I felt this was relevant to the review because as I was reading this book I felt constantly in the dark as just what the hell was actually going on in the book. The story is told from John Watson’s point of view, as he traipses around various poorly-described parts of Europe (apart from when they climbed a mountain, which was juicily described).

I am a fan of the Sherlock Holmes universe, and enjoy new takes on the old characters, from the BBC Sherlock series to the Johnny Lee Miller vehicle Elementary, but this just felt dull. Perhaps it was the deliberately old style writing, but the pacing really dragged, and despite its relatively short length, took an inordinately long time for me to finish.

This may appeal to a more traditional Sherlock enthusiast, who is happy to wade through tedious archaic language for the traditional ‘genius explains everything at the end’ finish, but this did absolutely nothing for me.

I received a review copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Rating Report
Overall: two-stars

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