Goldenhand by Garth Nix

Goldenhand by Garth NixGoldenhand by Garth Nix
Published by Allen & Unwin on October 1st 2016
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 400
Format: Ebook

Once more a great danger threatens the Old Kingdom, and it must be forestalled not only in the living world, but also in the cold, remorseless river of Death.

Goldenhand is the 5th book in the Old Kingdom series by Australian author Garth Nix. I will confess that the original trilogy is one of my favourite series of all time, and I have been eager to read every addition to the series.

The series is set in a land which is divided between a world of magic and fantasy, and a world of technology which I would say was roughly post-Edwardian England. Even after a few years since the last book, reading Goldenhand felt like slipping back into a well-known world that was immediately immersive.

The Old Kingdom series (also known as Abhorsen) is a world where Necromancers are common-place, and the world of ‘Death’ plays a significant part in these stories. Death is a literal place where the deceased begin their journey through a series of gates before they make the final journey into true death. There are magic-wielding necromancers who are able to go into death and summon spirits back into life for their own (mostly devious) purposes. There are also the Abhorsens whose job it is to ensure that the dead stay dead.

What I have always enjoyed about this series is the diversity of characters which Nix has created. I would also add that most of the main point of view characters are female, and the male characters are often either passive or non-players.

I feel that this book will appeal to fans of the series, and is probably not the best entry point to the series, as the plot of this book relies heavily on the reader having knowledge of the first four books. It also references a short story which I had not read, but I didn’t feel it necessary to have done so. I think this would suit YA and above, and although it does discuss some dark themes, it does not go over the top.

Side Note: I originally received a review copy from the publisher through Edelweiss which I later found out was a partial copy. I was glad that it proved to be so insofar as the cliffhanger made me want to do bad things, but still annoyed that this fact that not advertised anywhere by the publisher, or made clear in the book itself. I subsequently purchased a copy of the book, because I wanted to read it.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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