Hardcore History: Blueprint for Armageddon (podcast)

Hardcore History: Blueprint for Armageddon (podcast) by Dan Carlin
Genres: History

I don’t normally review podcasts, they aren’t really my thing, however given that ANZAC day was yesterday, and I had been recommended this podcast (Hardcore History) previously I thought I would give it a whirl.

Blueprint for Armageddon is a six part series which totals about 22 hours or so worth of content, and covers the events leading up to the First World War, as well as many of the major battles, and personalities of that war, through to its bitter and bloody end. While Dan Carlin does not profess to be a historian, he references a lot of primary and secondary sources, combined with his own particular flavour and philosophy to spin a tale.

As in any writing on history, there is inevitably going to be certain parts that one must leave out, lest it become even more bloated than it already might be. Dan Carlin freely admits that he has decided to pick his battles – so to speak – in doing the podcast, and his primary focus is on the events of the Western Front, although he does touch on the other areas of conflict when they are relevant. With that being said, I found that he managed to weave an mostly fulsome picture of the First World War’s place in history, and how it was a turning point for civilisation, between the old way of seeing the world, and the 20th Century way.

Although the podcast covered a lot of ground that I was already aware of, Dan Carlin has a real gift for storytelling, and despite its length, I found the podcast engaging and entertaining throughout. Through the use of quotes from soldiers who were fighting at the front, he managed to bring a personal side to a conflict where millions of lives were thrown away, often times seemingly without purpose.

The ANZAC Day catchcry is ‘Lest We Forget’, but looking back at our recent history I sometimes wonder whether this is something we mouth once a year as a kind of virtue signalling, but as a society seem to forget the meaning.

Blueprint for Armageddon is a thoroughly engaging and thought-provoking lesson about a tragic episode in human history.

Rating Report
Overall: five-stars

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