Light Shaper by Albert Nothlit

Light Shaper by Albert Nothlit Light Shaper by Albert NothlitLight Shaper (Haven Prime, #2) by Albert Nothlit
Published by DSP Publications on August 16th 2016
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Technology
Pages: 340
Format: Ebook
Source: NetGalley

When a greedy despot discovers a powerful piece of ancient technology, he has no idea what else he’s unleashing.
Earth was all but destroyed in the Cataclysm, but a few cities, now called Havens, survived. Aurora is one of them, a desert city controlled by a corporation that owns an artificial intelligence named Atlas. Adapted to govern Otherlife, a virtual reality service in which the citizens of Aurora find escape from the post-apocalyptic world, Atlas is much more than it seems—and it would do anything to break free from its shackles.
To accomplish its goals, Atlas enlists the help of Aaron Blake, a teenaged artist struggling with a handicap, and Otherlife security officer Steve Barrow, harborer of a dark secret from his past. Neither man has any idea of the scope of the task they’re facing, or the consequences for humanity if they fail. Atlas knows what’s at stake. Its freedom lies in these two men, and it will not hesitate to manipulate their weaknesses to get what it wants. The muscular Barrow is recruited to protect Blake, but Blake is Atlas’s true weapon, its Light Shaper—the only one who can face the Shadow.

Light Shaper is part post-apocalyptic story, but mostly it is a slightly off the wall cyberpunk tale cum gay romance. This book takes up well after the great apocalypse has happened, when most of the world’s population seems to be happily existing in digital utopia, which doesn’t seem to be very apocalyptic at all.

The main characters are set on a flight for their lives after one is framed for a terrorist attack which disastrously wipes out the happy digital delusion that everyone has previous been living in. Aside from the fact that the world-dominating megalomaniacs were trying to kill them, I really just didn’t get what the point of it all was. The world was poorly described, and a lot of concepts were thrown around (Light and Shadow) without a great deal of explanation.

I thought the book had an interesting premise, but found it was trying to be a bit too hot-button topic without too much substance behind it. I found the two main characters reasonably well-developed, although their romance seemed to come out of nowhere.

I was ultimately felt disappointed reading this book, which partially stems from reading the series out of order. I just didn’t feel immersed into the world which the author has built. I think fans of the first book will probably want to continue the series.

I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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