Pivotal Velocity by Arthur Bozikas

Pivotal Velocity by Arthur Bozikas

Title: Pivotal Velocity by Arthur Bozikas
Publisher: Australian Ebook Publisher
Format: Ebook
Available: Now

Tom Stiles is apparently a businessman, an adrenalin seeker, a devoted father, and a black ops agent. Pivotal Velocity is the story of his recruitment through a series of short-term government jobs leading to his ultimate recruitment as a agent in a secret black ops organisation.

I get that this just the start of a bigger series, but for such a short novel, this tries to pack way too many things into such a short space, and the whole thing feels like it is being told in fast forward. The events in the novel take place at a crazy pace, and it just didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Tom is supposed to be this likable, loving father, but seems to spend large portions of time either getting into the pants of everyone in sight, or trying to – including his dead mistress’s twin sister… because that’s the classy thing to do, right?

I felt like the author was trying to pack too much back story and history for a book series which hasn’t even been released yet. The novel felt like a series of unfortunate events which were deliberately chosen to serve the purpose of delivering the main character to an end point, without allowing him the time to breathe, and live a little.

I had high hopes for this novel, and was quite disappointed in the end. I probably should have known better from the bland, meaningless two word title. There are some great thriller heroes out there from Jack Reacher, to Jack Ryan, and I think it’s the depth of their characters which really sucks you in as a reader. Tom Stiles was trying to be too much, too soon, and going about it all the wrong way, and wound up being very unsympathetic, in spite of the series of tragedies which occur through the short novel.

It was just… okay for me. Sadly, I think this is another author in a saturated genre who will fade back into the background shortly after reading this book.

I received a review copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

2.5 stars

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