Review – Deer Season by Aaron Stander

I picked this novel up, not realising that it was the third in a series. I did not feel as though I was missing out on anything by not having read the previous novels, which also starred the character Ray Elkins.

Deer Season is a small town mystery, in a place were there seems to be an inordinate amount of crime per capita. But then, if there wasn’t, there’d be no need to set a murder mystery detective series there, now would there?

I thought that the author did a good job of capturing the kind of atmosphere of suspicion that would pervade a town where unknown persons in the community were committing foul crimes, either of the murdering kind, or those of the heart.

I recently watched the series Making a Murderer, about the Stephen Avery case in Wisconsin, and I could almost feel the same kind of story unfolding in Deer Season.

Definitely an author to watch, and I will be tracking down more of his works in the near future.

4/5 stars

Deer Season by Aaron Stander

Deer Season by Aaron Stander

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