Review – Objective Troy by Scott Shane

Objective Troy is the story of the making of a terrorist, and the making of a president, and how the two stories are entwined with each other.

Shane takes a somewhat critical look at the use of drones by president Obama, and specifically in their use in the killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki, an American-born cleric who was once the voice of moderate Islam following the September 11 attacks.

By providing the background and the life story of the two competing personalities in this tale – Obama and Al-Awlaki – the author does a good job of following the forces and influences who coalesced to make the two men the people they ultimately are.

Central to the book is the question of whether the extra-judicial killing of Al-Awlaki by use of drone was justified, or constitutional. While the book is authoritatively written, and well-researched, the author suffers from a bad habit among news outlets who provide ‘balanced’ reporting by offering two separate and opposing views, without taking a particular view point.

I came away from the book with a great many questions about who the real President Obama is – certainly not the progressive leader he appeared to be when running for office. I really felt as though the author was leading to some great conclusion, but felt he pulled his punches at the very end, which I found disappointing.

An interesting read from a historical perspective, and for people wanting to gain an understanding about how normal people can be so radicalised despite being raised in a western society. Ultimately unsatisfying in the end though.

3/5 stars

Objective Troy by Scott Shane

Objective Troy by Scott Shane

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