Review – Star Wars on Trial: The Force Awakens edition by BenBella Books

Disclaimer: I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Star Wars on Trial is part courtroom drama, part goodnatured philosophical discussion, and occasional open warfare between several contradictory sides, in a debate about the value and values of the Star Wars movie and cultural franchise.

Let me get this out there – I love Star Wars! I love Star Wars in ways I can’t even explain, but somehow resonate within me. I suspected therefore that I was not going to like this book.

Drawing on a series of essays by science fiction authors – including those who have written in the Star Wars universe, and others – the two primary lawyers – Matthew Stover for the defense, and David Brin for the prosecution – break down and analyse the films and books series. They have clearly gone over these films with a fine tooth comb.

I think what I came away from the book with is that one should not simply consume media in a passive way, and think about the information we absorb into our brains passively while watching films, and reading books.

While it reminded me of a number of classes I took during my liberal arts degree, and does lend itself to academia, this is a pretty accessible book for people wanting to have a bit of a laugh, or a serious discussion. In the end I am not sure who won, but it didn’t change my love for the universe.

4/5 stars

Star Wars on Trial

Star Wars on Trial

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