Stormwielder by Aaron D Hodges

Stormwielder by Aaron D Hodges

Stormwielder is one of those books which looked promising at the outset, but proved to be fairly generic and disappointing by the end.

Eric is a boy/man on the run, having committed a horrible crime – depending on your point of view – and his past is following him wherever he goes. He uses his power to defend himself from some thugs, and literally brings the world down around him.

This is generic Hero’s Quest stuff at the heart, with a few twists in its tale. I found most of the characters to be bland and uninteresting, even the main character was a bit of an enigma. I also found that the author had a bad habit of utilising modern language in a setting which is intended to not be quite so modern, and it really threw me out of the story. He also uses a lot of what I would consider non-fantasy-ish names, and then throws an occasional curveball out there. It is fairly apparent where the naming scheme comes from – whether they’re a good guy or a bad guy.

It’s quite apparent that this is a first book from this author. It really feels like he was working his way into his craft. A solid, if uninspiring beginning.

I received a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

3/5 stars

Stormwielder by Aaron D Hodges

Stormwielder by Aaron D Hodges

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