Tag: Cold War

Cold War Games by Harry Blutstein

The 1956 olympic games were something of a high point in Australia’s sporting history, and looking at it through the rosy lens of history and nostalgia it is easy to ignore the political, and diplomatic environment which the games took place in. As a student in history, I find it fascinating that there was all... Read More »

A very expensive poison by Luke Harding

Russia is something of an enigma to most people in the west, and our perceptions of the country, its politicians, and history are definitely coloured by what we see in the media. Luke Harding’s book seeks to lift some of the veil which surrounds the country in his book ‘A very expensive poison’ which describes... Read More »

The Witch Who Came in from the Cold by Various Authors

The Witch Who Came in from the Cold by Various AuthorsI received a review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. The Witch Who Came in from the Cold is a collection of short stories, which I believe may have previously been serialised. It is an interesting mix of cold war politics and spy shenanigans with an urban fantasy twist, where each side... Read More »