Thorn by Joshua Ingle

Thorn by Joshua Ingle

So the main character is a demon who makes his living by going around whispering in people’s ears to try to subtly convince them that they should kill themselves, and or other people… What’s not to like?

Look, I’m all for anti-heroes, and bad guys being main characters, but there still needs to be some element of likeability, or subtlety to the characters that makes them interesting enough to get past the obviously overwhelming number of things to hate about them.

Thorn is a demon who suddenly feels threatened when another demon begins to encroach on his turf in Atlanta – although it really could be any generic city – and he gets into a power struggle that has been going on for millenia… Yada yada yada…

There are some interesting characters, although the author often has a generic string of ‘followers’ assisting the main characters who are both nameless, forgettable and meaningless. There is just no emotional investment, and I couldn’t bring myself to either feel sorry for Thorn, or to give a shit about who wins in this cosmic game of murder-all-the-humans.

If there is one saving grace, the book is short… like really short. But it is also a downfall, because I think if the author had allowed himself more time to explore the nuances of what was going on, bring in more characters, and justify some of the tension he is trying to build, it could have worked better.

I received a copy of this book and the second through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, but unfortunately I could not get more than a third of the way through the second one before I just stopped caring enough about the book to keep reading.

Thorn had an interesting enough premise, and with a little more ideation I felt that it could have been a success.

2 stars

Thorn by Joshua Ingle

Thorn by Joshua Ingle



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