White Night by William H Lovejoy

White Night by William H Lovejoy

I guess the re-release of this book, originally published in 1994 just goes to prove that some things don’t stand the test of time. I must admit that I was intrigued by the premise – a battle for control of Antarctica, the last unclaimed continent, with the promise of lots of air combat and international mystery… which vaguely reminded me of Matthew Reilly’s Ice Station (which I realise now was published after this novel)

I really felt let down in the end by this novel – yes, the premise is interesting enough, but ultimately the execution of it was rather mediocre and I was really at a lost to keep a track of who was who and who was doing what, and more importantly, why they were doing it. Perhaps its greatest failing was just how long it was – dragging out the plot like too little butter over too much bread.

I did not understand what the overall objectives of the ‘bad guys’, and how they were hoping to achieve them. I found the number of call signs and individuals somewhat dizzying and difficult to keep a track of, and in the end I did not really care for, or about any of them. I have a rule which I usually apply to non-fiction books, but it works in this instance too – If you manage to make war boring for me, you are failing in your job.

I know it’s a little thing, but I found it irksome every time I read it. The author refers to the Shetland Islands a lot… because they are involved in the plot a lot. The thing is… the Shetland Islands are up near Scotland. The SOUTH Shetland Islands are the ones down near Antarctica… they are literally poles apart.

I received a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley. And to be honest, if I’d known it was a re-release I probably wouldn’t have picked it up.

Too long, too meandering, and in the end it just lost the plot.

2 stars.

White Night by William H Lovejoy

White Night by William H Lovejoy

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