Winter is Coming by Caroline Larrington

Winter is Coming by Caroline Larrington

Winter.. I mean season 6 of Game of Thrones… I mean spoilers… are coming.

Seriously though, this book was well-timed in advance of the start of Season 6, and while it does contain liberal doses of ‘spoilers’ for the books, as well as the television series, if you haven’t caught up by now, you really only have yourself to blame. And the book does give you fair warning of this. This review will not contain any spoilers, however.

Winter is Coming is a look at the ‘medieval’ history of Game of Thrones, as in providing background to many of the cultural and historical events, and personalities, which are drawn upon in the writing of the books, and the television series. It covers more than just the medieval period, drawing on events throughout the last couple of thousand years.

I guess most people who have even a basic knowledge of the series are aware that it draws heavily on the events of the Wars of the Roses in England, but you don’t have to step too far beyond the war between the Houses of Westeros to see that there is much more to the world than just that particular period. The book does a good job of covering most of the major influences which Martin has drawn upon.

I found the layout of parts of the book to be a little confusing – sections seemed lumped together in certain places somewhat arbitarily – and while this didn’t necessarily diminish the information being presented, it made some of it hard to follow. I really did enjoy reading the book, although I guess I was already somewhat knowledgeable about the information being presented.

Fans of the books, or the show may find this book of interest as a reference guide, should they want to explore deeper levels of information behind the story. In saying that, however, while there is some level of cultural appropriate on the part of George R R Martin, it is really only a starting point

I received this book for review through NetGalley.

4 stars

Winter is Coming by Caroline Larrington

Winter is Coming by Caroline Larrington

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