Zodiac by Robert Graysmith

Zodiac by Robert GraysmithZodiac by Robert Graysmith
Published by Berkley on April 1st 1987
Genres: History, True Crime
Pages: 337
Format: Audiobook

Who was Zodiac? A serial killer who claimed 37 dead. A sexual sadist who taunted police with anonymous notes. A madman who was never apprehended. This is the first, complete account of Zodiac's reign of terror. Is he still out there?

Zodiac is the story of one man’s search to identify the infamous Zodiac killer who haunted the lives of the people of San Francisco and Northern California starting in the 1960s. The author was an editorial cartoonist, who worked alongside, and apart from the police officers who were investigating the horrific murders and assault, ever haunted by the mysterious notes with which the killer liked to taunt his pursuers.

The book collates the authors memories, previously-unpublished material, and interviews with various officers and figures who played a role in the investigation, to explore this puzzling serial killer, who as of today’s date, as gone uncaught. I was interested in the story of this infamous serial killer, hoping that this book might shed some new light on who the man behind the murders might really be. The author has his own theories, and leads the reader through a series of red herrings that gives one a sense of the frustration those involved must have felt.

I suppose that if one picks up this book expecting answers to the many questions which surround the mystery of the Zodiac, then you are going to be ultimately disappointed, as the author really only has more suspicions and suppositions to offer, mostly about people who are already suspected of, but unable to be proven as, being the Zodiac killer. One is left to make up your own mind about who or who might not be the killer.

If you are interested in real crime stories, or have an interested in the Zodiac killer particularly, you will probably find information in this book which will add to your knowledge, or to the mystery. Ultimately I found the book somewhat unsatisfying, given that it doesn’t really provide any real answers, just the memoirs of someone who was there during the height of the investigation.

Rating Report
Overall: three-half-stars

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